Left to Right: Isabel Meadows with John Peabody Harrington; Bibiana Mucjai; Tomas Torres, and Esselen Woman and couple drawn by Jose Cordero, 1791

The Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation Chronicles©

The Story of The First People of the Monterey Bay Area and Northern Monterey County, California

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Welcome to the Website - Public Announcement

This web site exists to provide all tribal members and interested parties the ability to see the written record for themselves. By making this information available to everyone, no one can be manipulated out of ignorance.

An open letter to all who enter this web site:

There is no legitimate OCEN tribal council at this date or since October 2006. Therefore, neither this web site nor www.Esselennation.com stands as an “official” tribal website at this time. But, rather than pretend that all is well and treat people like mushrooms, the tribal members deserve to know what is going on as does the world around us. Someday this status may change, but until then, this web site remains as a point of information and reference for many tribal issues – past and present.

And, who am I to do this? I am the co-founder of the tribal reorganization effort that began in 1992. During these last 15 years, I served my people as the tribal genealogist, enrollment secretary, newsletter editor, tribal council woman, tribal vice-chair, tribal chair, tribal secretary, researcher, consultant, and tribal historian. Because of my involvement, I have a unique experience with this tribe called OCEN and Esselen Nation. I may not be appointed as the official mouthpiece for the tribe, but I am an eye-witness of this tribe’s recent history.

So, the purpose of this web site is two-fold: 1) to tell the story of the re-organized tribe, and 2) to preserve our heritage in the only way I know how. Don’t expect a bunch of bells and whistles; I don’t know how to make a sophisticated web site and there will be lots of construction for a very long time (it’s a long story to tell). This web site is simple, but for all of our sakes, I hope it does what it needs to for as long as I can continue to pay for it.

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*Note: This part of the website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Aside from the original meeting sign-up sheets, all uploaded files of the meeting minutes, agendas, notes, and handouts are copies of my own personal record that I have kept throughout the years. This is why you will see my scribbles and notes on these pages as well as personal notes that I have kept.

Webmaster and Contact: Lorraine Escobar at lescobar9282@esselennation.net