Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 10:17:17 -0800 (PST)
From: Hope Casareno
Subject: Fwd: Re: OCEN Election
To: [e-mail addresses removed for privacy]



Here is the response I received from Louise Ramirez. Is anyone
interested in accompanying me to the meeting on Sunday, January 13th?

As you can see from my email, I asked for clarification of the facts
concerning the Election, and Louise has clarified that she and the Council
are willing to let things stand as is and we are invited to "be present
and agree to participate with the Council".

I think we should discuss this matter via telephone or in person, as
emails do not appear to be confidential. Let us keep our remarks and
personal opinions private and "off the record" from now on. Thank you.

Take care and let's talk soon. 415-728-3752.




Thursday, January 3, 2008 10:02 AM


Hope Casareno


Lorraine Escobar


OCEN Election


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Hi Lorraine,


This is the response I received from Louise about my family not being included in the OCEN Election process.


Happy New Year,


Louise Ramirez wrote:

Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 08:29:48 -0800 (PST)
From: Louise Ramirez
Subject: Re: OCEN Election
To: Hope Casareno

Saleki Asatsa Hope and Tribal Council Members,


Thank you for the kind words. I have been informed of all the emails and have advised our Tribal Council members, we all have agreed not to respond to negative emails.  It is our decision to update all, at the next Council meeting Jan. 13, 2008 as noted in the newsletter mailed effective Nov. 1, 2007.  We hope that you and your family can be present and agree to participate with the Council.


We are positive at that time you will recognize that this Council is working for all of our people.


Kia Las Otno Ayam taxawi name.


Louise J. Miranda Ramirez

OCEN Tribal Chairwoman


Hope Casareno wrote:

Hi Louise,


How are you?  Happy New Year from my family to you and yours.


I have heard that we have a new OCEN Council that was recently voted in by OCEN tribal members.  Can you please clarify the situation as I am not sure I have all the facts. 


Speaking for my immediate family members, I am certain that we all returned our voter registration forms by the deadline, yet we never received copies of the actual ballot.  Although some of my siblings have updated their mailing addresses since the last election, I have lived at the same address since 1989.  Regardless, we were looking forward to participating in the OCEN Election.  


I have also heard that a tribal member who did receive the ballot had only 7 days in which to return it.  Since I typed up the original Election Ordinance, I know that this shortened time frame cannot be right, hence my query.


I am sure you share my concern for the sanctity of our Constitution and the Election process, and I respectfully ask that you let me know what is going on from your vantage point. 


Thank you in advance for your assistance with all matters concerning our tribe.


Best always,

Hope Casareno

representing in this note:

Mildred Machado Casareno, Joaquin Casareno, Jr, Joaquin Casareno III, Sylvia Bueno Casareno, David J. Casareno, Alexander B. Casareno, Donald M. Casareno, Laura L. Casareno, Rosaria Casareno Welles, Andre Welles, Sr and Andre Welles, Jr.