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meeting minutes.


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I asked you for the meeting minutes months ago and I was told that you did not have the money to send them to me.  Yet you have done a lot since that meeting monetarily speaking.

I want a copies of the meeting minutes from October to present. 

While other members of the council decided to resign by written consent and then take it back by saying they were only thinking of doing so,

well, that is how I feel.  I needed to take time away from the council to grieve. 

A general election is due because of all the resignations and our constitution and bylaws support the evidence.

I wish for this message to be passed on to as many tribal members as possible

You know Louise, that the meeting in which you were asked to be chair was an unlawfully held meeting.  I was the only council person remaining, and I cancelled that meeting to be held at a future date.  But Janette and you went over my head and jurisdiction to hold an unlawful meeting.

Therefore, a new general election must be held.  If you are elected as Chair, then so be it.  But it has to be  done through a general election.

I can no longer be silent with people talking the way they are to each other.  This dishonors the members of the Tribe as a whole and no one should be discrediting tribal members.  We should be acting for the whole tribe, not for ourselves. A general election must be called for.



Pam Tanous

Council woman and interim secretary


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