The Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation currently consists of approximately 600 enrolled members from thirteen extended families, with many applications pending. Approximately 60% of our members reside in Monterey and San Benito Counties. Our Tribal Council represents the lineages and aboriginal districts within our territory. 


After the tribal election in September 2005, our elected tribal council members were:


  • Cari Herthel, Tribal Chairperson
  • Janette Ritter, Vice Chair
  • Gloria Ritter, Treasurer
  • Al Rodriguez, Tribal Council Member
  • Rich Rodriguez, Tribal Council Member
  • Rosemarie Miranda, Council Member
  • Theresa Piñon, Council Member
  • Anthony Gomez, Council Member


And Susan Morley was our Tribal administrator. Many resignations (Theresa, Rosemarie, Cari, Janette, and Gloria) and some appointments have come and gone since that time (Pamela Tanous (Secretary), Joseph Kavanagh and Lorraine Escobar, Interim Council Members).