Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation

Tribal Enrollment




The tribe is not taking any applications for enrollment until further notice. Further, the tribe does not currently have an enrollment department, or office, an appointed enrollment secretary, or an enrollment committee. Therefore, there is no place to store applications and there are no personnel or committee to process any applications. The rolls are currently closed with no set date for re-opening. When the rolls are open, please watch for an announcement on this web site. New information will be posted as soon as is possible.


At the last point of formal tribal government, Lorraine Escobar was still the tribal genealogist. Her current duties do not include processing enrollment requests. However, she is keeping a list of names (and contact information) for persons who wish to apply when the rolls open. If you wish to be placed on this list, send your request to her at this e-mail address: lescobar9282@charter.net.


Lastly, due to the current tribal government upheaval, no enrollment cards can be issued at this time. However, if you are tribal member, you may obtain a formal letter from the OCEN Tribal Genealogist, Lorraine Escobar, CLS/NAL which states your Indian lineage has been researched and verified by a certified genealogist. If you wish it to include your tribal membership roll on this letter, please indicate that as part of your request.