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Golf Day to Raise Funds

Golfer playing at charity golf day

After reading 100 ways to host a fundraising event on runforcharity.com we loved the idea of a golf day. Much like any fund-raising marathon where participants solicit "sponsorships" for each mile they walk, frame they bowl, or book they read; golfers in a fairway fundraising Golf-a-Thon get sponsored to do something that they love to do anyway… golf!

The charity golf fundraiser has been a time tested method of raising funds, and many charitable groups host golf tournaments as fundraisers. The inherent challenge with the typical charity golf fundraising event is the simple fact that the monetary return simply does not equal the effort put in. Our experience in both the organization of charitable golf scrambles, as well as having played in too many to count; proves that they are not only time consuming, but also unpopular with avid golfers.

Traditionally, the average organization will spend six to nine months planning, procuring awards and gifts, as well as soliciting participation from 125-144 players. After all is said and done, the average charity will only end up with $8,000-12,000 in net profit. When you apply the fairway fundraising technique, by utilizing our turn-key, automated web based solution, you will find that you can raise significantly more money with about 20% of the effort!

As the event organizer your responsibilities are limited to only selecting a date, selecting a course, and inviting players to participate for free. We handle everything else from managing pledges, payments and golfers awards.

For years, various organizations have used the "marathon pledge drive" to raise funds. Fairway fundraising can help your group drive for the green by providing you with a simple way to do a "golf-a-thon".

What is a Golf-A-Thon?

First, let's start with what it's not… It is not "marathon golf". No blisters, no sore backs, no overexertion. Many groups already use the pledging strategy to raise money by dancing, walking, bowling or biking. We offer an exciting WIN-WIN-WIN solution to your group where the effort is reduced, the players have more fun, and the charity raises more money.

Each participating golfer sets a goal to raise a minimum of $15-$30 per hole in pledges and commits to playing either 50 or 100 holes of golf in a day as determined by the event organizer. Impossible, you say? Not so. We'll show you how, and you'll be surprised at just how little effort it will take on your part besides swinging the clubs. You will not only have the satisfaction of making a giant difference in the lives of many who need your support, but you'll also have lots of fun doing it!

The fairway fundraising format is a new, unique method of charity golf fundraising that requires minimal effort from you, the event organizer. The format for the event is a "golf marathon", but don't worry… we've modified the event in such a way as to allow your participants to play 50 holes of golf in a single 18 hole round. How do we do it?

Well first of all, we send your groups out as "twosomes" rather than "foursomes". Then each player will play one ball each on the par 5's, two balls each on the par 4's, and seven balls each on the par 3's… On most courses this format will equate to 54 holes of golf in a single round! Golfers will raise funds based on a pledge-per-hole basis, and based on the assumption that 50+ holes of golf will be played, somebody receiving a pledge of $2 per hole will receive a donation of just over $100.

Online Donations

Other than these in person events to raise awareness and much needed cash there is also the online donations option. This is the banner advertised on the homepage showing how when you use a promo or coupon code at a major brand that Giving Assistant will help support a cause with cash back. This is a fantastic way to passively give money to a worthy charity just by shopping online.

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